Github Apps?

Let’s go down a rabbit hole.

We need some checks, this was done with crazy deprecated scripts and php lint.

So this week we will revisit making a new github app for testing our php and html code.

News that #Microsoft has acquired #Github is quire exciting, you should learn how Microsoft has gone #OpenSource 

to be continued!!



Sample PHP array building and key search

We will base our code off;

Referred as: bool array_key_exists ( mixed $key , array $array )

global $known_room_list; // accessible from inside the functions without session/cookie/sql
$known_room_list = array(); // get the array ready for keys

function do_something($room){
   global $known_room_list;
   if (!array_key_exists($room,$known_room_list)){
     // Do something only once per room
     $known_room_list[] = $room; // add to array


Ok Google, Voice AIY v1 Review

The Google Voice AIY v1 kit is easy, and technical. 

It is for ages 10+ IMO not 14+ with practice comes wisdom. Once you get one done, you can replicate and teach quite fast.

Here is my take away, after multiple days ~30+ minute sessions

You will Learn:

  • Raspberry Pi SD Card Flasing
  • Linux “apt update; apt upgrade”
  • Git “git pull / checkout”
  • JSON array names in Python Code
  • Google Developer 
  • Google Business Account Configuration ( only on business accounts )
  • Google Account Configuration ( individual gmail accounts )

What we have working at this point; everything – we are now writing our own local commands!!

Whats next?? Google Vision AIY